The Back Story...

My personal relationship to fashion began as a little girl from a working class, Russian immigrant family in Binghamton, New York.  Growing up, my fashion plates were the women in my family who valued style and gave me the freedom to create my own.  Early on, I felt an emotional and creative connection to clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, and hats.  I fell in love with the joy that I found in fashion-- which allowed me to be seen, even if I didn’t always feel heard. 

Today, my passion for fashion is seen through the lens of cultural transformation with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.  I am researching fashion and culture within the MA Fashion Communication course at Central Saint Martins in London, England.  My professional background is pluralistic in nature with experience as a multi-channel media strategist, writer, content creator, and beauty artist.  

I have worked in the advertising industry for the past decade including at The Washington Post and OUTFRONT Media, and have served on the Board of The American Advertising Federation-DC chapter.  My diverse media background in digital, broadcast, print and out-of-home, gives perspective and insight into the digital age transformation and the integration of programmatic innovation into traditional mediums.  

Editorially, I have written for Fashion Unfiltered and was a contributing editor for The Washington Post's fashion custom content FW.  As an artist, my work has been seen in Vogue ItaliaThe Washington Post, Anderson Cooper 360, Meet the Press, Good Day New York, Good Day DC, and Good Morning America.

My personal thoughts...

Fashion can be seen as frivolous, but it is not trite when you acknowledge its power to impact happiness, joy and self-acceptance.  We can look to Susan Sontag’s Notes on Camp for perspective.  

In particular, note #56 describes Camp as "a kind of love, love for human nature.  It relishes, rather than judges…Camp is a tender feeling.”  I hope we all be a little more ‘Camp’ by showing greater love to ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.  There is power in fashion to transform people, society and culture. 


Central Saint Martins- MA, Fashion Communication (2020)

Graham Webb International Academy of Hair-Diploma (2005)

Shippensburg University of Penn.- BA, Communications (2001)

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