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Fashion is a language that reflects culture and society.

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diversity, equity and inclusion.

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fashion lover, cultural enthusiast, content creator, 
researcher, writer, artist.

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connect with people, create community, share ideas, inspire change together.

My Fashion Thoughts...

Fashion can be seen as frivolous, but it's not trite when you acknowledge its power to impact happiness, joy and self-acceptance.  This notion is described in Susan Sontag’s Notes on Camp where, in note #56, she describes Camp as "a kind of love that relishes, rather than judges… Camp is a tender feeling.”  

I hope we can all be more Camp by showing greater love to ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.  Fashion is a language and our collective voice holds the power to transform people, society and culture. 

Perhaps, the new role of the fashion industry should be seen as cultural ambassadors with a focus on bringing people together rather than excluding select groups from participation.  The antidote to a closed culture is its democratization— that means fashion belongs to the people who wear it instead of the powers who control it.  

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